The Uncertainty Division

Improvised theatre


I committed the sin of Auld Reekie sins…yes, yes wait for it…I attended the same Fringe show twice! Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “WITH SO MUCH CHOICE, THAT SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN!”.

But to that I say, you have probably never seen The Uncertainty Division at work AND unless you were in the audience tonight, you’ve never seen them construct a coherent play out of Eddie from Donegal’s mind. Eddie from Donegal, who being from Donegal was the most alcohol-enhanced member of the audience. Ahem.

The plot was Fantastic. Two different stories about two different young men and how they each achieve their wildest dreams. One learns to fly (and ends up in quite a stew) and the other performs his glockenspiel concert arrangement of “Chopsticks” in Royal Albert Hall (posthumously…sort of).

Eddie from Donegal got up and left before the play constructed out of the depths of his mind had finished. Where did Eddie go? Did he go to answer the vaguely glockenspiel-like call of Nature or was he perhaps so inspired that he attempted to cross the chasm to his native land? Just one of the little uncertainties of life, I guess.

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