The Uncertainty Division

Improvised theatre

About the group

The members of The Uncertainty Division had been working together for more than two years before officially forming the group in October 2001. Concentrating on narrative-focussed improvisation, they developed a style of show in which simple ideas taken from an audience are allowed to grow, without centralised control or any pre-planning, into a complete story. This technique was initially applied to create fifty-minute, fully-improvised comic plays, first seen as No Second Thoughts at the ADC Theatre, Cambridge in March 2002. During the same period, the group performed regularly with the Cambridge Footlights, and at other venues in the city, including ADC Theatre showcases.

After No Second Thoughts came Impromime, a fully-improvised pantomime, with an increased cast, more creative staging and scenery, and songs. Following on from that, the group created a touring show Out Of Your Mind, building a narrative around the thoughts and ideas of a single member of the audience. The show was performed in London, Cambridge and Peterborough, and at The Zoo at the Edinburgh Fringe: “Actually, properly, non-ironically great … one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard” – The Guardian.

The group’s second Edinburgh show An Extremely Memorable Emergency, “a clever premise that refreshes improv” – Fest, was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, and in London and Cambridge. In winter 2005/2006 we revived Impromime as a touring show, and in November 2007 experimented with half-rememberd fairy tales with Stories That Want To Be Told.