The Uncertainty Division

Improvised theatre

No Second Thoughts

Our first solo show, in March 2002 at the ADC Theatre, Cambridge, with no music (except a bit of Britney Spears when Mikey Lear jumped in at an appropriate moment) and very little clue whether it would work until we got on stage - or what would happen. When we got there, we had monks healing armadillos, King Harold banning universities in the South of England (and then regretting it), pole-dancing to defeat the French - and, on the last night, we discovered why D-Day actually happened in Bermuda.

Cast and crew

The same team returned in June 2002 for a single night of fun at the ever-patient ADC, in a show that featured Uncertainty Division members as a rapier-wielding gnome, young men looking for action, and a panda.