The Uncertainty Division

Improvised theatre

Out Of Your Mind

Their work emphasises the importance of spontaneity in theatre, of creating something out of very little - TCS

We never forget. Hidden in our brains is every moment, every thought we have ever had, locked away and helpless.

Now, using the very latest techniques from medical science and improvised comedy, The Uncertainty Division takes you on a voyage into the mysterious depths of the unconscious …

Every night, the ideas, memories, and thoughts of one audience volunteer will become a complete story. It could be a thriller, it could be a romance - or it could be a full blown musical. Different every time - and entirely dependent on you.

In each show, we will explore the very stuff our thoughts are made of. One person will see their thoughts as never before. For everyone it will be a revelation.

We started planning in December 2002; rehearsals started in March, with previews at the White Bear in May, before our first performances in July … and a summer tour up to our last shows in mid-October.

As with all good improv, it is usually impossible to tell that the cast are making it up - Fest

Cast and crew