The Uncertainty Division

Improvised theatre

An Extremely Memorable Emergency

A unique mix of comedy, music, puppets and actors doomed to die.

Worried about your mortgage? Stressed about your report due in tomorrow? Well it doesn’t matter, because by tomorrow you’ll be dead - the world is going to end, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

Trapped in a theatre with an audience they’ve barely met, five actors face their impending demise by sharing memories. A half-remembered childhood incident combines with a fear of heights - and suddenly a story is born. Taking ideas from the audience and blending them with puppetry, music - and imminent doom - this is a unique experience for your final minutes.

Fully improvised and completely unpredictable, the latest show from The Uncertainty Division will capture your imagination for a few brief moments before it stops making any difference at all.

An Extremely Memorable Emergency premiered at C Venues at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2004, and was subsequently seen in London and Cambridge during the following autumn.

An Extremely Memorable Emergency was sponsored by The Jan Cavelle Furniture Company, and the group would like to express their thanks for this considerable assistance in bringing the show to performance.

Cast and crew

As always, bringing a show like this to life has required a lot of work, not only from the cast and crew, but from many other people who have helped and supported in various ways.

Special thanks to our patron Rev. Ian Thompson for administrative help and spiritual guidance, and to our sponsor Jan Cavelle for all her support.

We would also like to thank the staff of C venues, Michael, Laura, Tristan and Beast at the ADC Theatre, Matt, Nicky and Kate at the Cambridge Arts Theatre, Ron and Chris at the Barons Court Theatre, and everyone at Urban Printing; the cast and crew of The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie; the cast and crew of Scenes; Liz Aylett, Paul Ormerod and Pamela Meadows, Alan and Avril Stott, Pat and Bren Chester-Kadwell, George Zafirovski, James Booth and tangozebra, Jennifer at Tartan Silk, Ben Harris, Kat Dorrell, Heather Newton, Andrew Rowson, and Christine Twite for being beautiful.

Particular mention should be made of Alex Lamb, to whom we are inordinately grateful for improv experience, encouragement and exciting new games.

Finally, thanks to Volterra for criticism and self-criticism.