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December 31, 2004

End of year

Well, it's the end of 2004 - the year of An Extremely Memorable Emergency (pronounced 'Amy'). There are some more photos up in the gallery, and there will be some video clips up fairly soon as well. It remains only for us to say: thank you for having us, hope you had a good year, have a great 2005 - and are there any mince pies left? Lovely, thanks.

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November 30, 2004

A fitting end

The Uncertainty Division's experiences this summer were finally celebrated properly in London last weekend, and a jolly time was had by all. Well, alas, not all - in that many of the many many people who have been involved in making this series of emergencies Extremely Memorable were unavailable, being either in France or York or in the midst of other crises. Absent friends were therefore toasted and the anecdotes sparkled like fine champagne.

- Andrew Pontzen was particularly missed, for reasons which should be apparent from everything else written about him in this diary.

- Phil Stott was rightly cussed for living in London yet still being absent, though that's only because we like him; we recalled with mirth how Ali thought at first that he was a girl.

- Ali Glennon used her mobile phone at the table and we decided we should all point at her intimidatingly.

- My recent purchases from River Island were much admired.

- The Jameses made a long and winding speech about the show's gestation and ultimate fruition, which involved a lot of egg imagery and was much admired.

- Everyone read their favourite bits from the official book of musings we kept during the summer; Phil's short play "One in June" was much admired.

- Susie Parker was much admired.

- After the meal, Andrew Ormerod led an expedition of some of the remaining party to a bar which looked very classy indeed, but which tried to charge us 10 to enter. Because we only wanted one drink, and moreover we are all paupers, said expedition was redirected towards Oxford Street and became rather less focussed. Ultimately it was aborted altogether, after the Oxford Street Christmas lights had been not very much admired.

Thus officially ends another improvisational adventure, which was really just a smaller version of life - and that, at least, continues.

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October 27, 2004

What's Next?

A thoroughly enjoyable run. I seem to have seen something like a dozen shows, but it doesn't seems enough, cos it's different every night, innit? Hope to get the photos up on the website soon. :-)

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October 26, 2004


done. dusted. not dead.

in spite of ever threatening emergncies - some (staypuft marshmallow man, scottish parliament, middle-class drama students) memorable, others extremely not so - we surived.


(ps this diary would not be complete if I didn't mention that Jimmy Carr was, alas, in Edinburgh too and got a very bad review in Metro. This Serves Him Right as he is odious and A Bad Person).

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October 23, 2004


well - it was an extremely penultimate emergency today - devilish worship, kissing and the american "dream". great. goodness - but it's almost all completely over! how overwelming


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October 22, 2004

Last Night's Show

I feel a tear coming on when I think that last night's show was the last time I will be the official photographer for An Extremely Memorable Emergency. No more extremely memorable emergencies caught on camera; no more dodgy pictures involving James Lark's mouth, well not at least until the next show.

'Twas such a great show as well. The streets of Cambridge were awash with Cam water from a great tsunami that had surged upriver from the Great Ouse. We were, as per usual, trapped, with only Polos to eat, and each other for company. The French Foreign Legion were enlisted to, er, speak bad French and create the institution of marriage. There was a man of the cloth, and a man of the scalpel (also, apparently a polyity of God), who were racing against time to reak revenge on the doctor's wife, who had her arm severed and regrown with the council of a bookworm professor... Well, it made pretty good sense at the time... :-)

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October 20, 2004


I'm staying wiith my friend Emma at the moment while we do our shows at the CCCP (Corpus Christi College Playroom). I am in fact just enjoying a cup of tea out of a mug which is captioned

to err is human. to really foul things up you need a COMPUTER.

How aptly that ties in with yesterday's show, where James Aylett got stuck inside the interwebnet (or was it the internetweb? we weren't quite sure) and had a conference with Old Grandfather Google.

Turns out computers are the beating heart of evil at the centre of the modern world - well, duh!

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October 17, 2004

A Drink with The Uncertainty Division

A great show tonight at the ADC bar. Everyone was on form, though for future reference, Analie REALLY doesn't like being heckled, so all those who did, if you see her again, buy her a drink and apologise. Anyone with a smile so amazing should be treated really well.

Other than the superb performance of the Cheese Song, and the amazingly cheap alcohol, the highlight of the evening was overhearing girls from the Leys School in the toilet: "I swear - why is it that the only funny men are gay?"

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