improvised theatre

November 27, 2006

Two little words

Two very important words for us here at The Div are:

"Improvised Theatre".

They're so important in fact that you'll see them in the top left of every page on this website. They are what we do and why we exist as a group.

But we've been talking a bit at Divisional HQ about whether we ought to change our two little words to "Improvised performance". Because, you see, we've been thinking a bit recently about doing some improvised films (and maybe some improvised other stuff - watch this space).

Robert Altman (now a fully paid-up member of Directors Who Didn't Win An Oscar club - founder members: Chapman and Keaton) was a master of the multi-layered drama, shot almost like a documentary, with story lines crossing, merging, interconnecting. I think that's the sort of style of film-making which would suit our storytelling the best. The challenge with an impro film is which of the interconnecting story-lines do you present to the audience at any one point? Or do you go for a crazy split screen and have all of them?

Interesting stuff. So look out for our two little words - changing soon. (perhaps).

Posted by Andrew Ormerod at November 27, 2006 05:54 PM