improvised theatre

October 14, 2003


The streets of Cambridge are agog with rumour. The old women whisper to each other as they bustle through market square, the men tip their heads knowingly as they pass each other on their way to offices in Histon, and the young children dare to ask their mothers with muted excitement, “is it true?” The same words echo in murmurs through every alley and every hovel: “Is it true? Are the Uncertainty Division really coming home?”

And indeed, after a long period of travel, having faced untold perils, stood on towering stepladders, been insulted by Paul Daniels and applauded by the Guardian, finally the Uncertainty Division are back in Cambridge. Some of us have less hair than when we started, some of us have more hair of a facial nature. What is evident is that, bearded or not, we have all changed. We have been on a journey similar to that which would have been undertaken by a Samurai warrior, in which our very identities have been challenged and life itself has been a fleeting dream.

I should point out that our journey recently took us to Oundle, where we performed to large audiences at the lovely Stahl Theatre. Two shows were performed, one involving a malevolent cloud and the other concerning the Turner prize.

What exciting conclusion to our journey we will find in Cambridge I do not know (one of the whispered rumourings is that it will involve humus and tuna). But what fun we shall have.

Posted by James Lark at October 14, 2003 01:01 PM

Sure life has been a Freeting Dleam?

Posted by: Andrew Pontzen at October 14, 2003 02:11 PM

Oh, cool! A disfluency for my collection.
Thanks guys.

p.s. I AM still going to send you pics from Edinburgh. Just haven't made it across town to pick them up yet...

Posted by: Buffy at October 24, 2003 04:57 PM