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August 08, 2003

Getting into a routine

We've started to settle into a rhythm here, and are getting to see some shows as well as doing our own publicity and performances. Apparently Adolf is well worth seeing (AO and Susie have been); less good is the Gay Samurai Revue which, despite doing what it says on the tin, really doesn't deserve the Scotsman's assertion that it's "the most beautiful thing out of the east since the rising sun". I feel that I've learned more about Japanese culture and been violated in equal measure, although it was worth it for the expression on James' face.

Anyway, on to our shows. Wednesday featured the everyday story of a supermarket manager who became Lord President of the island he lived on shortly before it was overrun by lava due to a rather inept scheme to build a world-class swimming pool. It all turned out okay, though: pumice is highly valuable, giving the island a whole new industry. I played the lava.

Thursday, we had a more outlandish tale of the man who would be king - king of Mars, that is, having won the planet on a game show, not knowing that Earth's government intended to blow it up to extract its rich mineral deposits. The day was saved by the real Martians (who looked like sticks with mops on, but apparently most resembled Earth crabs), whose federated and decentralised government was much enlivened by the introduction of war.

Anyway, the weather is hot, it's a brand new day, and I must away to persuade more people to see the show.

Posted by James Aylett at August 8, 2003 12:24 PM

Thanks much for Friday's sketch of 'Out of Lucy's Mind'. I enjoyed it thoroughly: evil koalas and an encyclopedia writer, what could be quirkier. And speaking as a phonetician, Andrew O's Russian accent couldn't have been better.

Tell me, have you lot been influenced by The Kids in the Hall (Canadian comedy troupe)?

Posted by: Buffy at August 9, 2003 10:50 AM

Hooray! thank you for that lovely comment. I have been to Moscow and love the accent. I myself studying Linguistics.

Our biggest improv influence has been, I'd guess, the simply SUBLIME Improbable Theatre. The best improviserse in the world. Also the really informative and enjoyable books of KEITH JOHNSTONE. Well worth a read.

Posted by: Andrew Ormerod at August 9, 2003 01:34 PM

You have e-mail.

Posted by: Buffy at August 9, 2003 09:49 PM