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August 09, 2003

Evil Koala

Thursday night saw the Uncertainty Division performing at Edinburgh's Bongo Club. We have often started our cabaret slots by improvising a love song to a beautiful female volunteer; however, as I had great difficulty in persuading any of the female members of our audience to join me on stage, and I was getting heckled by a man called Gareth, I got Gareth up on stage and we sang a love song to him. Turns out that's quite a good heckle put-down.

The next day I witnessed Gareth juggling chainsaws on the street, and felt proud that the Uncertainty Division has befriended such a person.

Our own street work has taken the form of a series of lectures on the brain delivered from a stepladder. Andrew O was perched atop said ladder yesterday, wearing lab coat and (surely unwisely) shorts, and he was in full scientific swing when a random old lady approached from behind, a big grin on her face, and pinched his leg. A definite highlight of the fringe so far.

Another highlight has been an impressive production of John Finnemore's new play Tails You Lose, a beautiful piece of writing about which James Aylett declared anyone not liking it "doesn't have a soul".

Finally, our show last night went well. In short: God visits vicar to promote weddings and happiness; rowing boy marries evil koala with traditional onynx on film; everyone is unhappy. In this unusually spiritual tale, Andrew Ormerod's God came out with the following wisdom explaining why vicars couldn't be happy:

"...rather the same way as a hosepipe waters things, but does't actually get any water itself."

Improvisation has never been so profound.

Posted by James Lark at August 9, 2003 12:20 PM

Just a small correction:

In fact the hosepipe was never watered.

Posted by: Andrew Ormerod at August 9, 2003 01:32 PM