improvised theatre

August 14, 2003

Recent shows

Not entirely sure which was the last show anyone wrote about, but I think it was around Saturday. Sunday's show had a kitchen-appliance obsessed boy and a vicar murder their way through everyone who stood in the way of - restoring the crazy golf course to just a normal golf club. There was a song about crazy golf, and everything.

Monday's show I can't remember at all, but that's just because we're doing so many of them that some dribble out of my head again shortly afterwads. Tuesday's had rival land owners throwing, respectively, a grand party and a small war. Most people died.

Last night's (ie: Wednesday) was one of the best we've done so far, with an Irish boy learning how to fly (you start with stepping stones, and gradually put them further and further apart), and a disgruntled third desk glockenspiel player writing a double glock. concerto based on variants of London's Burning and Chopsticks. Due to various complications, the Irish boy bombed Poland, which retaliated by destroying London. The orchestra continued playing as the Albert Hall sank into the ground, which was either moving or just good to know, depending on whether you liked the concerto or not. I did (but then I played it).

So there you are. The sun, having been uncertain around Tuesday whether it was really worth all the bother of coming out, is most definitely in evidence today, so I'm off to put some lotion on to protect my delicate Saxon skin.

Posted by James Aylett at August 14, 2003 11:01 AM

Excellent show last night! Do you think the success of the show has something to do with the inebriation of the subject?

Hope Andrew P. didn't really hurt his nose!

Posted by: Buffy at August 14, 2003 11:48 AM


I actually did hurt my nose quite badly but they've put it back together now so if you fancy coming for a third time it'll still be there.

Nice to hear from you again, you should come and introduce yourself if you come again!

We'll be quoting your site on the royal mile...

Posted by: Andrew Pontzen at August 14, 2003 03:25 PM

Oh dear.
Hurt noses....uhm...HURT! Glad the professionals could do something about it though.
Otherwise check your email...


Posted by: Buffy at August 14, 2003 07:34 PM