improvised theatre

August 17, 2003

Festival tips

Well I've just written a diary entry and lost it due to COMPUTER GREMLINS. [mutters]

So, trying again, here are some quick reivews:

Twelve Angry Men is sick and has bags of panache. Go and see great American drama done well.

The Straits and Ross Noble are two hot tickets of the festival. Both proved a little disappointing. The Straits (by Gregory 'Gagarin Way' Burke) is good, but lacks real punch. Ross Noble is funny but, as the critics say, not firing on all cylinders.

Chairs is another improvised show, in an almost completely different style to ours. Go and see it for the contrast.

The Swingle Singers are out of this world - their singing by turns odious and delicious.

We also have a reivew - hooray! - see it by clicking here.

Posted by Andrew Ormerod at August 17, 2003 12:24 PM