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January 20, 2006

box clever

Fans of The Div. will know and love our black cubes. They've been with us for 18 months now, since Susie Parker (remember her?) rescued them from a skip at the ADC Theatre. Last Friday, they proved once and for all how truly versatile they are...

Some friends of mine had come to our show at The Space (the "Penguins and Prisons" one), and when we packed up after the show there wasn't room, even in James A's monster truck, for one of the cubes. So, my peeps and I struggled home with this cube (we struggled drunkenly, dear reader, I confess) cursing at every opportunity its weight, its bulk and its lack of handles.

But, when we got some aggro on the train home from a slap-happy crack-head over our consumption of beer munchies (he may have used the word "slobs") which threatened to turn nasty after I stood up and - with true style - declared "come on gang, we don't have to stand for this sort of s**t", it was then that the cube came into its own. As the rest of us scarpered, Nicole promptly stood in the doorway of the carriage, with the cube, and calmly said "why don't you just sit back down, mate? Which he duly did.

Quizzed afterwards about her bravery she said:

"Well, he couldn't have hit anyone else without getting past me - and he wasn't going to hit a girl - and even if he was he'd have had to come past the cube first".

Now, that's box clever.

Posted by Andrew Ormerod at January 20, 2006 12:00 PM