improvised theatre

August 24, 2003

Musical Chairs

One question that we are often asked at the Uncertainty Division is "how do you rehearse for shows if they're all improvised?" Which is a bit like saying to a tennis player "how do you practice if you don't know what your opponent's going to do?"

Yesterday saw a breakthrough in the history of performance improvisation when we came up with the idea of playing musical chairs before the show. I almost won it. I didn't in the end, James Aylett did - but my word it was fun. And the show that followed it went extremely well - in short: research into monotremes reveals imminent apocalypse. World saved by smash. (A yarn involving duck billed platypusses, inca cities, dancing fat ladies and the end of the world - any Hollywood director would surely snap it up...) Evidently musical chairs is the key to good improvisation.

I have also started designing clothing from the many many flyers we are not going to get rid of before the end of our run. My stylish waistcoat earned many favourable comments from the general public, and even a few requests for similar items of clothing. I will be producing an online catologue shortly.

Last night's fun didn't end with dancing fat ladies, it just got better and better when we went to see Macaulay Culkin playing a junkie in Party Monster. Opinions about the film were varied, but I felt it was worth it for Seth Green, in particular his nasally-challenged vocal tour de force.

Posted by James Lark at August 24, 2003 01:21 PM

I notice that the waistcoat earned many favourable comments but you make no mention of the hairstyle, James!

Great show, couldn't agree more with the Guardian review - look forward to seeing you back in Cambridge.

Posted by: Ian Thompson at September 2, 2003 05:59 PM